PT. Sumbersolusindo Hitech was established on August 25, 1992 as a supplier of branded hardware and software all over Indonesia. As Information Technology company, PT. Sumbersolusindo Hitech has expanded its business in Mechanical Engineering to handle telecommunication tower construction and maintenance projects. Along with the rapid development of marine sector, PT. Sumbersolusindo Hitech affiliated with Key Marine Ltd from Canada established a corrosion handling and prevention division at the pier pile and also for piping. Currently PT. Sumbersolusindo Hitech is the sole agent in Indonesia for key marine products, BTI-Tidal Wrap (previously PCS). Supported by experts and divers who are experienced in installation of Jacket pile and other underwater work (welding, cathodic protection installation and underwater survey), and the use of BTI-Tidal Wrap material with international standard quality with 30 years warranty on material quality, Making PT. Sumbersolusindo Hitech as one of the best rust protection companies in Indonesia. Products sold are manufactured based on ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation. Quality assurance is one of the main concerns of this market. We are committed to assisting clients in safeguarding their assets from losses caused by corrosion and abrasives, with the experience and the use of warranted materials, Tidal Wrap. The Problem Unprotected marine pilings erode prematurely, resulting in corrosion of pilings and a weaker structure.